Parents / guardians

The Award equips young people for life and work, whether it is through new unique activities, meeting new people or exploring an unfamiliar environment. Your child is responsible for their development and setting their Award goals.

Through a strong, yet flexible framework, participants can design their own, unique Award. They can choose activities that spark their interest and challenge them to achieve great heights. Participating in the Award is an exciting journey for young people and their families.

Parents play a vital role by providing support and encouragement as their children work towards their goals. With your support and motivation, you can help them grow and develop. Encourage them to take an active role in constructing their strategies to drive them forward. No other person can understanding  their strengths and weaknesses better than you.


  1. The President's Award for Youth Empowerment delivers The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in South Africa.
  2. The Award is internationally recognised in more than 130 countries. It looks good on applications, scholarships and Curriculum Vitae.
  3. The Award helps instill confidence and self-esteem! Find out about other Award Impacts.
  4. After completing your Gold level, you may attend a National Gold Award Ceremony. At times, this Ceremony is also graced by the presence of HE President Cyril M. Ramaphosa and HRH The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward.
  5. You can support your youth by motivating and nurturing their self-drive, provide encouragement, support them with admin and check in regularly to see how they are doing.


To undertake The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment, Participants are required to pay an enrolment fee. These fees vary between Award levels.

Enrolment fees are as follows:

Bronze – R 500 | Silver – R 500 | Direct Silver – R 1 000 | Gold – R 950 | Direct Gold – R 1 450


Award Centres

Each Province licences Award Centres to conduct The President’s Award for Youth Empowerment. The Award Centres can be Schools, Colleges, Tertiary Institutions, Community Organisations, Youth Care Facilities, Sporting or social clubs, Correctional Centres & Companies

Award Leaders

Award Leaders are the frontline communicators with your child, and are responsible for running the Award in their Award Centres. The Award Leader’s role is to engage, encourage and inspire young people throughout their Award journey.

Key responsibilities:

  • Advising, guiding and assisting young people in the Award
  • Accessing, distributing and reviewing the Online Record Books and other resources as required
  • Assisting Participants to find suitable Assessors
  • Answering questions and liaising with the regional offices
  • Pre-approval and final sign-off of all activities
  • Adhering to the risk management policies and legislation



For each Section of the Award, your child will need to find a suitable Assessor to guide them in each activity. The role of the Assessor is to mentor your child’s progress towards their goal.

Key responsibilities:

  • Assist the Participant to identify and set achievable goals for the section they are assessing
  • Ensure the Participant undertakes the Section activity substantially in their own time
  • Encourage and recognise improvements in the Participant
  • Write a report at the completion of the section activity and sign-off the Participant’s record

Your child’s assessor must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • More skilled, experienced or qualified in the activity than the Participant
  • Not an immediate family member
  • Able to oversee your progress
  • Willing to write a report outlining your achievements
  • Approved by your Award Leader (Award Centre) before they commence their role

For further information, contact your child’s Award Leader or the Award Centre


Record Book Assessment and Approval

Once your child has completed the activities as designed in their Award, and it has been signed-off by their Assessors, they will submit their Record Book to their Award Leader. The Award Centre will then check all requirements, including any relevant documentation such as participation diaries and Adventurous Journey records. The final approval of the Award is then evaluated by the regional manager of each province.